Record Release Show! Absinthe Vinyl! And Unreleased Video?

Posted on October 18th,2011

Ramping up into Autumn Time… It’s the best time of year. Some of our favorite albums are Autumn records (The Kinks ‘Something Else’, Stevie Wonder ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’, etc… We can discuss this further another time) so we thought this would be a great time of year to release the highly anticipated full length debut by The Black Belles. November 8th is the date. So set your anticipation levels to high..

So, first to the limited edition goodies. Third Man Collectors will make out good this time around because due to the original cover art for this album testing very poorly and deemed gross and offensive in focus groups (mostly at Sunday church socials and bake sales) we decided at hour 11:59 to change it. Which means we were left with plenty of extra sleeves of the now defunct cover art. So we decided to make 300 of those available to the most hardcore fans (and hopefully non visually sensitive or easily “offended”).

In addition to that this limited run will be released on TMR’s new exclusive “Absinthe vinyl“. It really pops on your record player and glows in the dark too; not unlike the absinthe induced nighttime visions of yore, or the typical pre show cocktail for these belles of the night.

Then we asked ourselves “remember the VIDEO that album cover shot came from?….you know the video directed by David Swanson for the single “Honky Tonk Horror”? (what?) why not withhold that video TOO because it’s too gross and offensive! We thought to ourselves, “what a horrible err, great Idea!” it turns out that what some of us around Third Man Records here think is artistic or “funny”, is just a down right head scratch to others, so having scarred enough people walking by the video editing booth we thought we’d either remove one of the Belles and replace her with Eric Stoltz, or just not release this thing. So we won’t be releasing that video (Stoltz was unavailable for reshoots) and have decided to push it far back into the archives, but as these things do with us it may eventually see the light of day…

So to make up for that we’ve…PULLED SOMETHING OUT OF THE ARCHIVES! Check it out; a previously “lost” video from the B Side of The Belles first single for “Lies” directed by Jack White and edited by Kevin Carrico.

But back to the limited edition Not Safe For Work, Man, Woman, Or Beast LP (“i don’t see what’s so offensive about it…whatevs” someone posts) Where can you get this censored gem? Here at Third Man Records for The Black Belles Record Release Show on November 11th. We’re going to bring you lots more exciting info about this show soon… But mark your calendars now. This is sure to be a legendary show in the Third Man pantheon and we want to celebrate with all of you.

AND as if that wasn’t enough, we’re offering a 3 pack of all The Black Belles singles right…NOW. All three Black Belles 45s for $15! The Black Belles full length debut LP & CD will be available November 8th directly from us, Itunes, or in finer record stores everywhere. Pre-sales will be available soon.