New Black Belles Single, Tour Dates, Video

Posted on April 30th,2012

As you may know by now The Black Belles begin their first ever UK (and Paris!) tour this week. We have it on good faith that not only are they already landed and safe and sound within the confines of a hotel somewhere in London, but they have already sampled their first taste of fish and chips. Check back here often for updates on what other cultural stereotypes they intend to check off their list in the next coming weeks (safe to assume baguettes and berets are on the menu for Paris). But for now, check out all of their tour dates to the right and be sure to check them out LIVE while you can.

Just as excitingly, the girls are debuting a new video for their next single Wishing Well which premiered over on The Guardian in the UK this week. And what of that new single? Well, it’s out everywhere – from the girls on tour and in shops everywhere, from our online store and on iTunes. Check out the amazing Miles Johnson designed cover art here and be sure to order your single from the webstore which will begin shipping immediately.