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    • Shelby Lynne.

      Born and raised in sunny California. Unfortunately.
      Spent childhood indoors, doing seances. Alone.
      Kicked out of girl scouts for poisoning cookies. Allegedly.
      Began playing drums. Hard.
      Expelled from public school for performing exorcisms on fellow [unwilling] classmates.
      Attended all-girls reform school; met Olivia Jean & Ruby Rogers.
      Formed dark alliance.

      Hobbies & interests: Stealing. Cheating. Secret Societies. Serial Killers. Russian Tragedies. Shark Attacks. Blood & Guts.

      Ruby Rogers.

      Ruby, an atypical Mississippi belle was largely ostracized by her peers due to her unusual taste and appearance. Ruby learned at an early age to amuse herself and be what some consider a loner. Her family encouraged her musically since childhood. Her propensity for dark, heavy music & love for early rock and roll led her further into alienation. A lover of the arts, she enjoys literature, comic books, drawing, and film photography. Due to her affinity for nature, mysticism, tarot, herbology and astrology, she was rumored to be a practitioner of witchcraft.

      Upon her mother discovering a dead bird in her purse & her negligence of playing well with others, Ruby was sent to boarding school.However, that is where she found others just like her.

      Olivia Jean.

      Olivia Jean is a creature native to Detroit, Michigan. Years ago in Detroit she began a solo surf band named “Idee Fixe” to conceal any suspicions towards her exercises in witchcraft and voodooism. She has since migrated to Nashville, Tennessee to be with creatures that share similar interest, otherwise known as The Black Belles. Olivia Jean is a notorious creature that’s feared throughout the world and she generally has a bad reputation for being very aggressive and highly venemous. Her bouffant and hat weaken the use of her ears and morals, therefore when threatened she will display aggression with a set of signals that warn of the possibility of an attack.
      WARNINGS: If you come in contact with Olivia Jean do not operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery within the succedent 24 – 48 hours.
      SIDE EFFECTS: Many people who come in contact with Olivia Jean may experience serious, sometimes fatal side effects. Nausea, vomiting, headache, unusual changes in body temperature, vertigo, and slurred speech are very common. If you experience any of these side effects contact your doctor hastily.

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